Regenerating effect

Thanks to its active ingredients Melem regenerates damaged skin. It renews itself much easier, it’s not irritated anymore, while daily using makes the skin resilient and soft.

Moisturizing effect

With its active ingredients Melem penetrates the top layer of the skin and makes a good barrier which prevents moisture loss from deeper layers of the skin. Proper hydration of the horny layer of the skin provides much needed moisture while enhancing elasticity of the skin. It instantly decreases skin tension and prevents further moisture loss.

Soothing effect

With its active ingredients Melem helps with calming of the skin exposed to different damaging weather conditions (wind, coldness, dry air…). Melem eases the redness of the skin caused by sun overexposure. Has an instant soothing effect toward irritated skin.

Protective effect

Daily use of Melem creates a protective layer on top of the skin and makes it resistant to damaging external effects. Regular use of Melem maintains the skin healthy, hydrated and resistant to external effects.